Can I Drink Coffee While I Wear My Invisalign Trays?

If you’re a coffee lover, you might be wondering if getting Invisalign in Lakewood will interfere with your coffee habit. Can you still drink coffee while you wear your Invisalign trays? In this blog from Lakewood Smiles Dentistry, we’ll discuss everything you need to know, and provide you with some tips and advice on how to enjoy coffee responsibly during Invisalign treatment.

You Can’t Drink Coffee While Wearing Invisalign Trays – Here’s Why!

You should not drink coffee if you’re wearing your Invisalign trays. You should only ever drink tap water or pure bottled water while wearing your trays. Why? Here are a few reasons.

  • Stains and discoloration – Drinking any beverage other than water could lead to stains developing on your Invisalign trays, discoloring them and making them visible on your teeth. Your teeth may also be more prone to stains, since some coffee will be trapped between the Invisalign trays and your teeth.
  • Increased risk of decay – Coffee is acidic, and many people use a lot of cream and sugar in their coffee. Because of this, drinking coffee while wearing your Invisalign trays can raise your risk of tooth decay, since acidic and sugary liquid will be trapped between your trays and your teeth.
  • Your trays may warp – Invisalign trays are made of heat-sensitive “thermoplastics.” If you drink a piping hot cup of coffee or any other hot beverage, the trays could warp and become damaged, leading to issues with your treatment.

For all of these reasons, you shouldn’t drink coffee while wearing Invisalign. But that doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy your morning cup.

Our Top Tips For Coffee Lovers With Invisalign

If you’re a big coffee drinker, don’t worry. You can still drink coffee with Invisalign. You just have to make a few minor adjustments.

  • Take out and store your trays – When it’s time to drink some coffee, remove your trays and put them safely in their carrying case. This reduces the risk of Invisalign loss or damage.
  • Drink your morning coffee quickly – Sipping coffee for an hour or two is not an option if you have Invisalign. If possible, we recommend drinking your coffee in 15-30 minutes. The faster you drink your coffee, the sooner you can put your trays back in.
  • Reduce or eliminate cream and sugar – Reducing the amount of cream and sugar your use in your coffee will help reduce the risk of cavities and bacteria growth on your trays.
  • Brush or rinse after you’re done – Brush or rinse your teeth after you’re done drinking coffee. Then, rinse off your trays and put them back into your mouth, and get on with your day.

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