Get Your Smile Back With Dentures

Dentures are the oldest technology utilized for replacing missing teeth and restoring the natural functionality of your mouth. If you have lost teeth in the past and are ready to replace them, a partial or complete denture may be the best choice for you.

At Restore Health Dentistry, we’re here to help. Dr. Nancy William is an expert at crafting and placing precision-crafted dentures. She can also teach you about the difference between types of dentures, which might be right for you, and the importance of replacing missing teeth. Call or visit us at one of our two locations: Los Alamitos or Lakewood.



There are two primary types of dentures available to you – full arch dentures and partial dentures.

Partial dentures are one of the most common ways to replace one or two missing teeth. They are built from acrylic resin, and typically attach to healthy teeth with wires. They can be designed to be removable or fixed in place.

If you are missing quite a few teeth due to a dental injury, tooth decay, or advanced periodontal disease, a full arch denture may be required.

These dentures require the removal of any remaining teeth. They are built to replace all of your missing teeth, and adhere to your gums, restoring the natural appearance and functionality of your mouth.


Wondering why you should bother replacing a missing tooth? Here are just a few reasons.

  • Increased risk of gum disease and tooth decay – A missing tooth can increase your risk of developing gum disease, as well as tooth decay and infection. Bacteria can collect in the socket where the tooth used to be and are particularly difficult to remove. These bacteria can also spread to surrounding tissues and teeth.
  • Teeth shifting – Once you lose a tooth, the surrounding teeth will begin shifting to try to fill the empty socket. This process can result in crooked teeth, pain, and may even require you to undergo orthodontics if you want to correct these issues.
  • Bite misalignment – A missing tooth can cause your bite to become misaligned, changing the shape of your face, and potentially leading to jaw deterioration.

Getting dentures is one of the fastest, most inexpensive ways to prevent these issues from occurring.


Wondering why you should choose dentures instead of dental implants or bridges? Here are a few reasons.

  • Non-invasive – Getting dentures is a non-invasive process. However, you may need tooth extractions if you are getting full dentures, to remove any remaining teeth before the denture is fitted.
  • Fast treatment time – Dentures can be manufactured and placed in just a few weeks. This makes dentures faster than both dental bridges and implants.
  • Affordable and covered by most insurance plans – Unlike dental implants, which are seen as an elective procedure, full and partial dentures are usually covered by most insurance plans, and they are very affordable.


Whether you are considering dentures, or an alternative way to replace missing teeth such as dental implants or bridges, come in for a consultation at  our office today!

Dr. Nancy William is an experienced restorative dentist, and can treat dozens of dental problems. At your consultation, she will discuss all of your options for replacing missing teeth, including dentures. Then, she will develop a customized treatment plan that has been tailored to your specific needs.

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