SAFE Mercury Filling Removal


Today, the industry standard for fillings is natural looking, tooth-colored composite fillings. But if you still have mercury fillings, you may be considering what your options are for removal and replacement. Mercury fillings are 50% mercury, which has been linked to causing birth defects and reproductive harm. Additionally, mercury fillings are unsightly, but removing them can be dangerous. When mercury fillings are removed improperly, mercury vapors and particulates can be accidentally inhaled and end up on our skin and hair. If you are interested in getting your mercury fillings removed, it is important to find a dentist who is certified in the Safe Mercury Removal Technique, also known as a SMART certified dentist, such as Dr. William at Restore Health Dentistry. Contact us today for more information on this procedure.

safe mercury filling removal


To obtain a SMART certification, dentists must study mercury fillings and the procedure of their safe removal. The educational program encompasses the application of rigorous safety measures, including how to use the specific equipment. At the end of the program, dentists must pass an examination to achieve its SMART certification. Dentists achieving SMART are recognized on the IAOMT’s Dentist Directory so that patients looking to find a dentist who practices the Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal Technique can do so.


When you come to Restore Health Dentistry for your Safe Mercury Filling Removal, our staff will walk you through the process and answer any questions you may have. The removal process adheres to a strict set of precautionary steps:

  • First, you will be taken to a room that has the proper high-volume air filtration system capable of removing mercury vapor and amalgam particles.
  • Next, you will be given an absorbent charcoal rinse.
  • Dr. William will put a secure dental dam around the tooth with the mercury filling.
  • Protective gowns and covers will be worn by everyone in the room. The staff will wear respiratory masks and gloves, and to protect your skin, clothing, and airways, a full body impermeable barrier will be put around the dental dam. External air or oxygen will be delivered via a nasal mask or cannula to assure that you do not inhale any mercury vapor or amalgam particulate during the procedure.
  • The filling will be sectioned and removed in pieces as large as possible to prevent small particles from being released.
  • Once the removal process is complete, your mouth will be thoroughly flushed with water and you will be given another charcoal slurry to rise with and swallow which will absorb any potential residue.

These safety measures ensure that the removal process is simple and safe for the patient, the doctor, and the staff. At Restore Health Dentistry, you are in good hands for your SMART removal process. Visit us at one of our two locations in Los Alamitos or Lakewood.