Holistic Dentistry In Los Alamitos, CA

Keep Your Mouth And Body Healthy

As a holistic dentist in Los Alamitos, Dr. Nancy William is here to help you take control of your oral health and your whole-body health. Every part of your body is connected and influences the other parts, and that includes your mouth. With her focus on holistic dentistry, Dr. William focuses on improving your oral health, as well as providing care and treatment advice that can help you improve your overall health too. Get in touch now to schedule a consultation, and see the Restore Health Dentistry difference for yourself.

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What Is Holistic Dentistry?

In the simplest terms, holistic dentistry focuses on the connections between your oral health and your whole-body health. Holistic dentists like Dr. William understand that your dental health and overall health are intimately connected. For example, certain oral health conditions like gum disease can increase your risk of other health issues like heart attacks or strokes. Problems with your airway and breathing can also have negative effects on your overall health.

At Restore Health Dentistry, our mission is to recognize these connections, and take steps to improve your oral health and your overall health. For example, we offer airway treatment for children, as well as mercury-free fillings and even SAFE mercury filling removal, as well as alternative dental treatments like ozone therapy.

Thanks to our wide variety of treatments and Dr. William’s focus on holistic treatments, you’ll get the care you need to live a healthy lifestyle, avoid the use of toxic metals like mercury, and take control of your oral health.

The Benefits Of Holistic Dentistry

Wondering why you should choose Restore Health Dentistry and work with a holistic dentist for treatment in Los Alamitos? Here are just a few benefits of working with Dr. William and our team.

  • Preserve your natural teeth – Holistic dentists are also conservative dentists. This means Dr. William looks to preserve your natural teeth whenever possible. And, even during treatments like fillings and crowns, we will preserve as much of your natural tooth structure as we can, which helps improve and protect your oral health.
  • Focus on whole-body health– Your mouth can often be the first place where other whole-body health issues are indicated. At Restore Health Dentistry, we offer a wide variety of holistic treatments that help enhance your overall health. We can also provide referrals to other health experts like sleep specialists, orthodontists, oral surgeons, naturopaths, and other specialists, depending on your unique needs.
  • Get peace of mind – We’re dedicated to toxin-free dentistry, and Dr. William is certified by the IAOMT (International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology, a leading organization focused on biological, science-based holistic dental care. Dr. William will work closely with you to make sure you get the treatment you need to keep your mouth healthy, providing you with valuable peace of mind.

Schedule Your First Consultation At Restore Health Dentistry Today

Whether you’ve never seen a holistic dentist before or you’re just new to the area and need a new holistic dentist in Los Alamitos, Dr. William and our team are here to help. With two convenient locations in the area, we’re here to help you take control of your oral health and whole-body health. Dr. William is always accepting new patients, so give us a call at (562) 936-0071 or contact us today to schedule a consultation.


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