Holistic Dentist Root Canal Alternatives – How You Can Avoid Root Canal Therapy

If you have an infected tooth in Los Alamitos, you may think that your only option is root canal therapy. But that’s not the case! At Restore Health Dentistry, Dr. Nancy William practices holistic dentistry and offers a variety of alternatives to invasive root canal therapy. Learn more about the best holistic root canal alternatives and feel free to contact our team for more information.

Why Should I Look For An Alternative To Traditional Root Canal Therapy?

Lots of traditional dentists see root canal therapy as a “one size fits all” solution, but this is not the case. Not every tooth infection requires a root canal. And choosing a root canal when it’s not needed can shorten the lifespan of your tooth.

This is because root canal therapy usually involves removing all of the pulp from the inside of your tooth, then trimming most of the natural tooth structure away and replacing it with a dental crown. Even if your tooth is mostly healthy, a lot of it will be removed, which is never a good thing.

Holistic treatment for infected teeth is different. At Restore Health Dentistry, Dr. William will perform an oral exam, check the vitality of your pulp, and determine if a root canal is truly necessary. While a root canal may still sometimes be needed, it’s always our last resort at Restore Health Dentistry. We are able to offer multiple holistic alternatives to root canals for most patients.

What Are The Best Holistic Dentist Root Canal Alternatives?

So, what are your options if you want to avoid a traditional root canal? Many different techniques can be used, but here are a few of the most common alternatives.

  1. Pulp capping – If your tooth infection is minor, it may be possible to treat your infected tooth with pulp capping. In this procedure, Dr. William will remove only the damaged tooth structure. Then, she will apply special compounds like calcium hydroxide and MTA (mineral trioxide aggregate) to the inside of your tooth. These help fight back against bacteria and protect your tooth. Then, she’ll seal your tooth up with a dental restoration, protecting it from further infection.
  2. Pulpotomy – In a traditional root canal, a “pulpectomy” is performed. In that procedure, all of the pulp inside your tooth is removed. But in a pulpotomy, Dr. William will only remove decayed and infected pulp, and will leave any healthy, vital pulp in place. Then, she will apply special dressings to the inside of your tooth and seal it up. This allows the pulp to heal and recover, eliminating the need to remove all of your dental pulp
  3. Ozone therapy – We offer ozone therapy in Los Alamitos, and this treatment can be used in combination with the above procedures to help kill bacteria and eliminate the source of your tooth infection.

You Don’t Always Need A Root Canal – Explore Alternatives At Restore Health Dentistry!

As a holistic dentist, Dr. Nancy William’s goal is always to protect and preserve the natural, healthy structure of your teeth. That’s why we offer a number of minimally-invasive root canal alternatives in Los Alamitos, CA. To learn more, just contact us online. You can also call (562) 936-0071 (Los Alamitos office) or (562) 866-0406 (Lakewood office) to schedule a consultation with Dr. William and our team.

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