How Do Holistic Dentists Treat Cavities? Understanding The Holistic Approach

At Restore Health Dentistry, Dr. Nancy William practices holistic, conservative, and minimally-invasive dentistry in Los Alamitos. This means that she focuses on preserving as much of your tooth’s natural structure as possible.

But what does this mean for you if you have a cavity? How do holistic dentists like Dr. William treat cavities, and how can you reduce your risk of future cavities? Find out now in this blog as we discuss the holistic approach to treating tooth decay.

Cavity Prevention Is At The Heart Of Holistic Dentistry

First and foremost, holistic dentists in Los Alamitos like Dr. William focus on the importance of prevention. Keeping your mouth healthy and free of cavities is the best way to avoid the need for any kind of invasive treatment such as a filling.

That’s why it’s important to see Dr. William for a preventive visit every six months. During your checkup, she can check for the earliest stages of tooth decay and make sure that your teeth are healthy. She may also recommend some treatments to help reverse the early stages of decay or keep your smile healthy, such as:

  • Fluoride treatments – When it’s applied to your teeth, fluoride helps attract minerals that restore and rebuild the enamel. This can prevent cavities or even help reverse “soft spots,” which are the first stages of tooth decay.

  • Ozone therapy – We offer ozone therapy in Los Alamitos. With ozone therapy, Dr. William can target and destroy bacteria in your mouth, sanitizing minor tooth decay and “soft spots” and preventing cavities from getting worse.
  • Dental sealants – Dental sealants consist of a biocompatible resin that’s applied to your teeth in liquid form. Then, Dr. William will harden this resin with a special light, forming a clear protective barrier over your teeth. This “seals” your teeth and helps prevent cavities from forming.

Silver Diamine Fluoride (SDF) Is An Alternative To Fillings For Baby Teeth

If you have a child with a cavity, SDF (Silver Diamine Fluoride) in Los Alamitos may be a great non-invasive alternative to a traditional filling. SDF is a liquid mixture of ammonia, silver, fluoride, and water. When it’s applied to a cavity, this liquid hardens, kills bacteria, and seals the tooth.

This stops the progression of the cavity. SDF is ideal for baby teeth with cavities because it can keep them healthy until they fall out naturally and are replaced by adult teeth. However, SDF does permanently stain part of the tooth, so it’s not recommended for adults.

We Exclusively Offer Mercury-Free Fillings & Offer Mercury Filling Removal, Too

Dr. William will always explore all of your other options before she recommends a dental filling. As a holistic dentist, she is dedicated to preserving as much of your natural tooth structure as possible. However, sometimes a filling is the best way to treat a large cavity.

If you do need a filling, Dr. William will do her best to maintain as much of your tooth material as possible. We also exclusively use metal-free, tooth-colored fillings at Restore Health Dentistry.

Not only that, but we also offer mercury amalgam filling removal with the SMART technique. This allows you to remove old metal fillings and replace them with tooth-colored fillings. This helps enhance your smile and gives you peace of mind, too!

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