Is Black Coffee Bad For Your Teeth? Separating Fact From Fiction

If you’re a big coffee fan, you may have heard that black coffee isn’t good for your teeth. Is that true? Can black coffee really affect your smile, and should you consider cutting back on your coffee consumption? Find out in this blog from Lakewood Smiles Dentistry!

Black Coffee Is Acidic And Can Weaken Your Enamel

Is black coffee bad for your teeth? The short answer is “yes,” at least compared to drinking water.

Black coffee is quite acidic, and if you drink a lot of black coffee, you may be weakening your enamel and creating an environment in your mouth that’s more conducive to bacteria growth. This can lead to tooth decay and even gum disease.

But don’t despair just yet. Black coffee is only mildly acidic, with a pH of around 5. Orange juice, in comparison, has a typical pH of about 3.88 (lower pH means higher acidity). Black coffee is not that bad for your teeth.

Basically, as long as you brush your teeth after you’ve had your black coffee in the morning, you have nothing to worry about. With proper oral hygiene and a tooth-healthy diet, drinking black coffee is unlikely to cause you any oral health issues.

Black Coffee Is Much Better For You Than Coffee With Cream & Sweeteners

If you’re drinking black coffee, you’re much better off than someone who drinks coffee with a lot of sugar and cream or milk. This is because coffee beverages loaded with sugar, such as the Starbucks Frappuccino, are much worse for your oral health.

Sweetened coffee drinks combine the acid of coffee with tons of sugar, which means they’re much worse for your oral health. While you can enjoy sweet coffee beverages in moderation, your teeth will be better off if you primarily drink black coffee.

Be Aware That Black Coffee Can Also Cause Teeth Stains & Discoloration

Black coffee and all coffee products can contribute to tooth stains and discoloration. There are a few ways to limit this problem, though:

  • Brush after you drink coffee to keep it from sitting on your teeth
  • Rinse your mouth with water or drink a large glass of water if you can’t brush after drinking coffee
  • Brush using a whitening toothpaste to prevent the buildup of teeth stains
  • Drink coffee using a straw. Straws help prevent the contact of coffee with most of your teeth, which helps prevent stains.

If your teeth are stained by coffee consumption, don’t worry. If the stains are only on the surface of your teeth, you may be able to remove them during your six-month teeth cleaning at Lakewood Smiles Dentistry.

And even if you have deeper coffee stains on your teeth, teeth whitening from Dr. Nancy William can be used to reverse this issue and restore your pearly whites!

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We hope this blog has helped clear up some misconceptions about drinking black coffee. While it’s not the best thing for your teeth and it can cause stains, black coffee is much better than coffee with lots of cream and sweetener.

Need more information? Overdue for a six-month cleaning and oral exam, or interested in teeth whitening to reverse coffee stains? Contact Lakewood Smiles Dentistry online or call us at (562) 866-0406 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Nancy William right away.

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