Single Tooth Implant: Here's What To Expect

Dental implants are the best way to replace missing teeth and here's why. Not only do they help restore the appearance of your smile, but because the implant is inserted into the jawbone, it can also help prevent bone loss. 

But, getting a dental implant isn't that straightforward and you need to be quite patient as the process can take several months. 

So, here's what to expect. 

The Initial Consultation

First thing first, you need to schedule an appointment with Dr. Joseph Morcos. She will examine your teeth and gums to determine if you are a good candidate for dental implants. She will also discuss your medical history and any medications you are taking.

If you are a good candidate for dental implants, Dr. Joseph Morcos will create a treatment plan tailored to your needs. This will include details about the implant procedure, the cost of the procedure, and what to expect during the recovery process.

The Dental Implant Procedure

Single-tooth implant surgery is a relatively simple process. Here's what you can expect:

  • Preparing the site: The dentist will first prepare the site where the implant will be placed. This may involve removing any remaining tooth debris and cleaning the area.
  • Placing the implant: Dr. Joseph Morcos will then drill a hole in your jawbone and place the implant. The implant is made of titanium, which is biocompatible and fuses with your jawbone to create a stable foundation for the artificial tooth.
  • The healing period: Now the osseointegration stage begins, a process during which the metal post will fuse with the surrounding bone. Depending on your oral health, this period can take between six and nine months. During this time, you may need to wear a temporary crown to protect the implant.
  • Attaching the abutment: Once the implant has fused with your jawbone, Dr. Joseph Morcos will attach the abutment to the implant. This is a small metal post that connects the implant to the crown.
  • Attaching the crown: Finally, Dr. Joseph Morcos will attach the crown, which is custom-made to match your natural teeth in size, shape, and color.

How Long Will the Recovery Period Last? 

You can expect to experience some discomfort and swelling for a few days after the implant surgery. Dr. Joseph Morcos will provide you with pain medication to manage any discomfort. You will also need to stick to a soft diet for a few days to allow the area to heal properly.

It is important to follow the doctor's instructions for aftercare to ensure that the implant heals properly. This may include avoiding smoking, brushing and flossing carefully around the implant, and attending regular check-ups.

Interested in Implants? Let's Talk! 

Are you considering dental implants to restore your oral health but aren't sure if you are a good candidate? Dr. Joseph Morcos from Restore Health Dentistry can help you find out. 

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