What Effects Can Mercury Fillings Have On Your Health?

Mercury fillings are a divisive issue among dentists. Many dentists claim that fillings obtaining mercury are harmless, and that it’s suitable for use when filling cavities. But many studies have emerged showing that mercury can be harmful to your health. Learn more in this blog from Lakewood Smiles Dentistry now, and see why you should only get metal-free fillings in Lakewood.

Mercury Is A Toxic Substance & Metal-Amalgam Fillings Should Be Avoided

Mercury is a very toxic substance that can damage your nerves, blood vessels, skin, and eyes, and it’s one of the primary components of “metal-amalgam” fillings. This type of filling usually consists of about 50% mercury, 30% silver, and small amounts of other metals like copper, zinc, and tin.

While it’s widely considered to be safe to use in the United States, many countries such as Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and Germany have moved away from using metal fillings with mercury in recent years, due to concerns about toxicity.

Why Is Mercury Used In Metal Fillings?

Mercury is liquid at room temperature, and is one of the only metals with this property. When combined with powdered metal alloys, it creates a very strong, flexible filling that’s soft enough to press into a tooth cavity.

Then, once the filling hardens, it creates a durable, long-lasting seal that will help keep decay out for years to come. This type of filling is definitely very strong, and has been successfully used since the late 19th century.

However, the fact remains that mercury is a toxic substance, and it can cause a number of negative health effects, so you should avoid getting metal fillings in Lakewood.

Understanding The Health Effects Of Mercury In Fillings

Wondering what health effects may be caused by mercury in fillings? Let’s take a look at a few different studies and what they’ve found about mercury filling toxicity.

A study by the University of Washington found that, over time, the small level of toxins released by amalgam fillings could contribute to long-term brain damage.

In another study, it was during post-mortem examinations on a number of people that the number of teeth filled with amalgam was directly correlated with a higher inorganic mercury content in the brain. This suggests that the mercury in metal-amalgam fillings may be able to enter the brain, causing long-term damage.

It’s even been shown that mercury fillings can cause mercury to be transmitted between women and unborn children, which can result in birth defects and other serious developmental issues.

Get Mercury-Free Fillings & SMART Amalgam Removal At Lakewood Smiles Dentistry!

At Lakewood Smiles Dentistry, Dr. Nancy William exclusively uses metal-free tooth-colored fillings to restore your smile in Lakewood and treat cavities.

In addition to this, we use the SMART safe mercury filling removal technique to remove metal fillings safely, and replace them with composite fillings. If you have one or more metal fillings in Lakewood and you’re concerned about your health, don’t wait. Contact us online or give us a call at (562) 866-0406 to schedule a consultation with Dr. William today.

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